Car Mechanic

In consideration to safety and reliability it is essential that you have a car mechanic who you can trust and rely upon to keep your car performing at its best. Every mechanic at BMS Autohaus has been professionally trained and has built up an ever-growing knowledge base on car repairs and servicing. Through experience and properly developed skill sets each car mechanic at BMS Autohaus can provide you with the reassurance and reliability required of someone responsible for your safety.

Our team is made up of internationally trained qualified mechanics who have been working with cars for over 22 years. The mechanic who will be working on your car, will also be the person in direct contact with you, allowing for both you and them to have a clear understanding on what is required or being done.
As well as car repairs and servicing, our team offers same day repairing and reprogramming of keys for prices considerably cheaper than those charged by dealerships who take three weeks to get the key back to you. We also offer accessories and OEM parts such as design upgrades to your car or sound system installations.

BMS Auto Haus aims to provide expert services for all cars and was started with the idea of being a cost effective and viable alternative to dealerships. We want to present car owners with an economical and dependable option when it comes to servicing or caring for your car.

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